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A Guide to articles about the Shaolin Temple & Monks in China


A Guide to articles about the Shaolin Temple & Monks in China

A Shaolin warrior monk performs at the temple.

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Visiting the Shaolin Temple and seeing the Shaolin Monks in action isn't on everyone's top must-see list when they visit China. That's probably because, unless you're a Kung Fu movie junkie, or a practicing Zen Buddhist, you might simply not be aware of the intriguing history of Shaolin as the seat of what became Zen (the Japanese term) Buddhism as well as where the Shaolin version of Kung Fu originated. When you take all of this into consideration, add the fact that the area around Mount Song and Shaolin Temple are steeped in ancient Chinese and Buddhist history (check out the nearby Longmen Grottoes), you might want to add Shaolin Temple to your touring list.

Here's a guide of articles written about Shaolin, the monks, the Buddhist and Kung Fu practices at the temple, its history as well as some great images from my trip there as well as some from Getty Images.

Here at China Travel, I've got several articles about the temple as well as studying at Shaolin:

Our Asian History guide offers some interesting back stories on the monks' and the temple's long and interesting history:

Our Buddhism guide writes more about the founder of the Buddhist practice at Shaolin and also has some good images.

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