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A hike in Moganshan from Le Passage Moganshan to the Lodge near the peak


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Heading up to the mountaintop from Le Passage Moganshan
A hike in Moganshan from Le Passage Moganshan to the Lodge near the peak

Starting off our hike up the mountain from Le Passage to the top of Moganshan, Zhejiang Province.

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Part of the draw to a place like Le Passage Moganshan is the easy access to hike in the bamboo forests that cover the mountains there. Moganshan is a ~720m tall mountain in the small range called the Tianmu Range. Moganshan itself is about 60km from Hangzhou which translates into about an hour if the traffic isn't too bad.

Hiking notes: Hiking in the area can be tricky. Paths are well-trod, but not well-marked. Hopefully that will change as more people flock to the beautiful area. We had the fortune of being guided to the top - our destination, Moganshan Lodge - by the children of the proprietors of Le Passage. Hikers should bring along their own water. There's no place to buy it along the way.

Who should hike: The hike is moderately difficult and folks with bad knees may find it more than moderately difficult. We had lots of kids along with us, those hiking, ages ranging from 4 to 12. All the kids did really well, happy to be together and exploring the forest. But there were certainly moments of complain and perhaps the echo of a whine or two. I carried my two-year-old in a back-carrier. I would say any child younger than 4 would have a lot of difficulties. Here are some tips for beginning hikers and hikers with kids:

Here, we leave the hotel and climb first through the tea plantation that surrounds the hotel complex. The weather forecast for us was rain, but fortunately, we had only mist and fog.

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