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A profile of Moganshan Lodge, Moganshan National Park


A profile of Moganshan Lodge, Moganshan National Park

Towering bamboo trees along the mountainside, Moganshan.

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Moganshan Lodge is a favorite cafe for expats traveling to Moganshan National Park in Zhejiang Province. It was established by an English expat and his wife who together run the Lodge as well as a few restored villas that serve as inns. The Lodge itself is housed within an arm of the Song Liang Hotel within Moganshan Village.

Lodge or Cafe?:

Despite the name, Moganshan Lodge is a restaurant serving all meals with a limited menu. Outside are picnic tables on a large veranda overlooking Moganshan village and the mountain scenery below. Inside the Lodge is cozy with a small standard seating area and a larger living area where one can also dine. There is a TV corner with dilapidated sofas on which kids can eat and play and the whole thing has more the feel of someone's large dining/living room than a proper restaurant. Kids abound so if you're going there for a quiet, romantic, tête-à-tête, go elsewhere or wait until the kids have gone back down the mountain.


The Lodge serves English-style breakfasts (which might be just right after a strenuous Moganshan hike as well as lunch and dinner.

We were there twice for lunch and the menu is quite limited to Western-only offerings such as hamburgers and spaghetti. Dinners might well be a more extravagant affair but, as long as you don't expect much, the food is fine and it's sort of all you need after a hike. Coffees and local green tea are good and you can also enjoy an array of cocktails, beer and wine.

Getting There:

Moganshan Village is the seat of all activity in the area and from which you can hike and book hotels. You must either hike there or drive up the mountain. The village itself is within Moganshan National Park so you must pay an entry fee if you come in by car.

Contact details for Moganshan Lodge:
马克的咖啡厅 (ma ke de kafei ting) | Songliang Shanzhuang (hotel) 1F | Moganshanlodge.com

Options to Sleep:

The proprietors also run a few villas that have been turned into inns so you can inquire at Moganshanlodge.com about the availability of rooms.

Mountain Activities:

Staff at the Lodge are knowledgeable about the mountain activities such as biking and trekking. Even if you aren't dining, you might check in with them if you have questions.

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