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A look at the fruits and vegetables at the market in Xizhou


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Fruit Hangs from the Town Walls
A look at the fruits and vegetables at the market in Xizhou

Fresh in-season apricots in Xizhou.

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Our walk through Xizhou town to the central market was one of the most colorful, beautiful walks I've had the pleasure of taking in China. We were there in autumn, the rice plants were turning gold and against the green of the mountains and the crisp blue of the thus-far unpolluted sky, the colors of fruit and vegetables were simply striking.

Fruits, vegetables and staples on sale throughout the town and in the market are the subject here so the traveler can get an idea of the beauty of the simple. But be warned, it will make you hungry and give you an urge to go cook something...

In this photo, ripe apricots hang over a town wall ripe for the picking. If you really do feel like trying some cooking out, try our Chinese Cuisine guide's ideas for Cooking with Asian Fruits.

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