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Shaoxing Road to Taikang Road - A French Concession Walking Tour in Shanghai


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Lunch at the Vienna Cafe on Shaoxing Road
Shaoxing Road to Taikang Road - A French Concession Walking Tour in Shanghai

Vienna Cafe Entrance on Shaoxing Road

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If you’re feeling a little peckish, I suggest crossing the street to the Vienna Café. This little Viennese jewel is tucked into a narrow house but once inside you’ll forget you left Shanghai outside. Enjoy authentic Viennese coffees and cakes. They have a simple but delicious menu and if you go on Sunday, you can enjoy a nice brunch (but I’d suggest booking because it can get crowded).

Vienna Café: 26 Shaoxing Road, telephone 021 6445 2131

If going Viennese in Shanghai is not your style, continue down Shaoxing Road to the Old China Hand Reading Room. Even if you have stopped for lunch at the Vienna Café, stop into the Reading Room to browse the wonderful books they have for sale about Shanghai’s architecture.

The Reading Room is run by Ms. Tess Johnson and Mr. Deke Erh, two well-known local architecture enthusiasts who’ve published a multitude of books on the European and Art-Deco heritage in Shanghai. The café itself is a nice place to go and, as the name describes, read. Or enjoy a cup of tea and a snack. Books are for sale in the front.

Old China Hand Reading Room: 27 Shaoxing Road

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