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Shaoxing Road to Taikang Road - A French Concession Walking Tour in Shanghai


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Shaoxing Road to Taikang Road - A French Concession Walking Tour in Shanghai

Shaoxing Road

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This little walking tour takes you down two lovely quiet streets in Shanghai that are increasingly becoming full of great cafes and interesting shops. Located in the French Concession, this tour can be combined, or you can do each street separately to ensure you see everything at a leisurely pace. The best thing to do is go around meal-time. There are so many great cafes along these streets, it’s a good idea to walk a little, then duck in for a coffee, walk a little, then stop for a glass of wine or a snack. You’ll see a lot of colorful local life, glean a bit of history and enjoy a leisurely stroll that will keep you off the high-traffic roads.

Where to start: Begin at the corner of Shaoxing (pronounced “shao shing”) and Shanxi Nan ("shahn shee nahn") Roads. Shaoxing Road is a small street that runs between Shanxi Nan Road and Ruijin Er Road (“ray jin ahr”) Road – so it’s only about two blocks long. Go east on Shaoxing Road from Shanxi Nan Road to begin your tour. Shanghai street signs are well marked in both Chinese and English and conveniently give directions (north, south, east or west) as well.

How to get there:

  • Tell your taxi driver “shahn shee loo, shao shing loo”. Lu, “loo”, means road in Chinese.
  • Metro: Shanxi Nan Lu on Metro Line 1 (15-20 minute walk from the station)

When to go: Any time of year is fine.

How much time to set aside: That all depends on how much café/bar time you want. Stop for lunch on Shaoxing Road and then continue on to Taikang road to spend the better part of the afternoon shopping. Stop at any of the bars or cafes on Taikang Road for a sundowner and snack before returning to your hotel to freshen up before dinner.

Other: This walk is very stroller-friendly.

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