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Churches in Shanghai



There are a few places to worship in English in Shanghai. Remember to bring along your passport (many only allow foreign passport holders to attend due to constraints on Chinese nationals) and ask the concierge of your hotel to confirm service times as they are subject to change.

Christ the King Church:

  • Denomination: Catholic
  • Chinese name: Junwangtang, 君王唐
  • Address: 270 Chongqing Road (重庆路270号)
  • Telephone: 021 6467 8282
  • English Services: Saturdays 5pm, Sundays 10:30am

Shanghai Community Church:

  • Denomination: Ecumenical
  • Chinese name: Guoji Libaitang, 国际礼拜堂
  • Address: 53 Hengshan Road (ºâɽ·53ºÅ)
  • Telephone: 021 6437 6576
  • English Services: Sunday 4pm

St. Ignatius Cathedral:

  • Denomination: Catholic
  • Chinese name: Xujiahui Tianzhu Jiaotang, 徐家汇天主教堂
  • Address: 158 Puxi Road (浦西路158号)
  • Telephone: 021 6469 0930
  • English Services: Confirm for English Services

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