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What to Do in China: Places to Go, Things to See...


Being just slightly smaller than the US, China is the fourth largest country in the world. In a country of this size, some guidance on what to see and how to go about doing it is essential. Find out what to see and discover things to do during your travel to China. You'll be able to fill up an itinerary of a few days or a few weeks.
  1. Eat & Drink
  2. Shop
  3. Discover China by City
  1. Explore the Best of China
  2. Experience Chinese Events & Festivals
  3. Join Chinese Activities

Eat & Drink

Forget what you know about Chinese food at home: it would not be inadvisable to come to China if for no other reason, the food. You'll experience amazing food wherever you are if you just seek it out.


No trip to China is complete without several stops into various markets and a serious haggle or two.

Discover China by City

There are endless places to go in China. You could easily fill up a week in just one city such as Beijing or Shanghai. This will help get you started as well as introduce you to some new places you might not have thought about visiting.

Explore the Best of China

Profiles of some of the best, most memorable sights in China.

Experience Chinese Events & Festivals

Some of the most fun to be had is simply by taking part in a local festival. Find out what the big holidays and festivals are in China and learn how to celebrate with a billion people.

Join Chinese Activities

Things you may not have known you could do, or thought to do.

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