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Being just slightly smaller than the US, China is the fourth largest country in the world. In a country of this size, some guidance on what to see and how to go about doing it is essential. Find out what to see if you only have a few days or a few weeks.
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Shanghai Literary Festival
The Annual Shanghai Literary Festival at M on the Bund

The Next Top Ten Things to See in China
Ten attractions is not enough. Find out what I think are the next top ten things to see in China - from Gobi Desert dunes to haggling in a Beijing market - get some ideas for your trip to the Middle Kingdom.

Best Travel Experiences in China - 2012
Read about my best travel experiences in 2012.

Great Activities for Kids Visiting China
Top activities for kids in China - great ideas for what to do in China with children and teenagers

Combining Tea and Travel in China
Listings of tea-related travel, destinations and experiences in China

Visiting the Countryside in China
Visiting the Chinese Countryside

A Guide to Singing KTV in China
Guide to singing KTV (or karaoke) in China

Best Travel Experiences in China - 2011
My best travel experiences in China during 2011

Visitor's Guide to Huangshan - Yellow Mountain
Visitor's Guide to Huangshan Yellow Mountain

Viewing Fall Foliage in China
Viewing Fall Foliage (Autumn Colors) in China

Public Parks in China
Going to a Chinese park truly lets the visitor see a slice of Chinese life. Find out what to expect in a public park in China.

Studying Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple, the Birthplace of Kung Fu and Zen
Understanding what it means to study Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple in China.

UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites
A listing of the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites in China.

China's Four Buddhist Holy Mountains
China has four mountains that Buddhists believe are holy. Wonderful places to go hiking, see active Buddhist monasteries and temples, a pilgrimage to one or all of them is worth some space on your China itinerary.

Preparing and Drinking Chinese Tea
Part of Chinese culture for as long as there has been a Chinese culture – that’s over 5,000 years – drinking tea is an essential part of experiencing China. Traditionally, Chinese tea is served in several steps using small teapots and tiny cups. While artistic and stylized, drinking Chinese tea is an enjoyable pastime and good way to break up a day filled with sightseeing.

Ski Resorts in China
Skiing is a sport that's starting to really gain popularity with Chinese. Find out where to go skiing with this directory of ski resorts in China.

Things to See in China
Discover what and where China's top attractions are to help you create your travel itinerary to China.

Visiting the Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum
Glimpse China's historical past at the time of Emperor Qin Shi Huang who united China and built a monumental tomb to himself, including some 8,000 terracotta lifesize warriors and horses, creating an underground army to protect his voyage in the afterlife.

Visiting the Forbidden City, China's Palace Museum
Go inside the walls of China's most famous museum and imagine what it was like to be an emperor surrounded by eunuchs and ceremony in the Forbidden City.

Visiting the Great Wall
Learn the history behind the Great Wall while finding out where the best spots to visit are.

How to Watch a Movie in English
How to Find a Movie in English in China

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