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The Seasons in China


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China in Winter
The Seasons in China

Snow on the lanterns outside Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai.

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I am a winter whiner. I don't like it and I try to avoid it. Winter, to me, should be white and in the mountains and inside a ski chalet looking out. But that, sadly, is very far from my reality so I weather China in the winter by putting on a layer of noodles and wontons. Yes, the best way to manage winter in China is to eat your way through it.

OK, I'll stop being so melodramatic. Winter is not a bad time to visit China, especially if you like skiing. There are more and more resorts opening in northern China so ski lovers just might be able to find that ski chalet somewhere in the northern reaches of China. If you're not skiing, then hitting museums and indoor activities is probably the way to go. But you can definitely spend time outside as long as you're layered up; and happily, the crowds won't be as big.

Travel in Winter
Let's face it, winter can be dreary no matter where you are. But hey, you've escaped winter in [fill in your hometown] and now you're in China. Time to figure out the best way to spend your time in inclement weather (eating).

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