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The Seasons in China


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Spring in China
The Seasons in China

Spring flowers explode in Chengdu in late March.

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I used to think Illinois had the worst winter of any place in the world and maybe I'm still right and the memory of those horrible winters is faded. Because now, even though the winter I experience in Shanghai is really (really) not that bad, no season is more welcome than spring.

In China, people tend to hole up for the winter. Especially in Shanghai, where many local homes don’t have adequate (to my American sentiments) heating, folks add on the layers and hunker down. Streets are empty and vendors sometimes would rather wave you away than have to come out and serve you. Spring puts smiles on peoples' faces and the layers come away one by one so that finally, in the late afternoons, you'll see oldies bring their chairs out to the sunny side of the lane to sit in the warm rays and gossip. Flowers explode where once only gray prevailed and everything looks cleaner and happier. I suppose this is the same the world over but it's particularly pronounced here in China – for me.

Travel in Spring
Spring can be wet in China but it's not a bad time for travel since the weather is relatively mild and can be downright warm in some parts of China.

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