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Profiles of the Weather - by Region - in China


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Northern China Weather
Profiles of the Weather - by Region - in China

Morning light shines on snow covered trees as the temperature is about 36 degrees below zero centigrade at the Kuerbin reservoir in January in Yichun City of Heilongjiang Province, northeast China.

Getty Images/China Photos/Stringer
Think "Northern China" and the Great Wall immediately comes to mind. But Northern China is much more than just Beijing and the Great Wall. You've got all of that area we used to call "Manchuria" – or Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning Provinces. You've got Inner Mongolia as well as Hebei and Shanxi Provinces. There's much to do and see and you could probably spend your whole trip up there in the far reaches scouting for Siberian Tigers and maybe doing a little skiing.

But what's the weather like? That's an excellent question. It is different than much of the rest of China. You won't be quite so hot and humid and you'll experience a longer winter. But that's OK too, because there are plenty of winter activities in China.

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