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Central China Weather


Central China Weather

Walking along one of the causeways within the West Lake during a hot summer sunny day.

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Winters in Central China feel colder than they look, the cold moisture in the air makes a traveler feel the cold right to the bone. You will seldom see snow and temperatures may never reach freezing but that has nothing to do with how you'll feel. Happily, winters are short, starting in January in earnest and usually finishing up by the end of March. Summers are long, hot and humid, lasting from April (farther south) but fully in May and last through September. Rainy season can be anywhere from 2-6 weeks and usually hits this area in June.

Layering is essential for most seasons in Central China. Despite the cold, homes and buildings are not built with much insulation so it feels very cold inside in many places. You'll be happy to have plenty of under-layers if you're visiting in winter, especially if you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors. In the spring and rainy season, you'll want decent rain gear as it will be common to see rain for several days in a row during these seasons. During rainy season, it can easily rain every day, all day long. Dreary? Yes - especially if you haven't anything dry to put on!

Spring and Autumn are good times to visit Central China because of the mild climate. Spring can be wet but often very mild. Autumn is usually perfect - especially in October and early November where the days can be crisp but warm and the evenings cool.

What is Central China?

The following areas and municipalities are considered to be in China's center so will experience the kind of weather described above:

Average Temperatures & Rainfall for Central Chinese Cities

Here are some charts that will give you an idea of weather in cities in Central China.


Hangzhou Nanjing Of course weather varies and the above is meant to give the traveler general guidance and direction. Ready to start planning and packing? Follow my 10 Easy Travel Planning Steps to get started with your trip and read all about packing in my Complete Guide to China Packing.

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