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March in China - Weather and Event Guide


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March Overview:

March sees the first effort of Mighty Spring trying to peak out of winter hibernation.

Northern China finally starts to warm up with an average eleven degree (F) increase from Feb. Central China is still going to feel chilly and very damp. The rain really starts to kick in now and you'll be getting a lot more rain days in both central and southern China. In the south though, the warmer weather will feel lovely and you'll really be comfortable sightseeing in cool spring temps. Just don't forget your rain boots!

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March Weather:

March Packing Suggestions:

You'll still need your layers for China in March.
  • North: it will feel a lot warmer during the day but the average is still below-freezing at night. Bring a heavy base layer, fleece and a wind-proof or down jacket.
  • Central: the weather's warming up but it still feels chilly during the day because of the damp. A heavy base layer (e.g. jeans, boots and sweaters) along with a rain/wind-proof jacket will be enough.
  • South: it will be warm during the day and cool at night. You'll be able to wear shorts on some days but it's still advisable to bring something warmer. Rain-wear is essential: half the month can see rain.

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Visiting China in March - Pros:

  • With New Year festivities out of the way, March is a great time for visiting China's top attractions. You might even get parts of the Great Wall all to yourself.
  • Mild weather in south China is comfortable for sightseeing and touring.

Visiting China in March - Cons:

The rain in central and south China can make sightseeing difficult and dreary at times. As long as you prepare for it, you'll be fine, just don't get caught without an umbrella in your bag.

What's Happening in March:

Enjoy discussions and readings from authors from around the world at the annual Literary Festivals hosted by the M Group in Shanghai and Beijing:

The Weather Month by Month:

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