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Kathryn Pauli, Writer


Kathryn Pauli, Writer

Kathryn Pauli, guest writer for China Travel, About.com.

About Kathryn Pauli

Kathryn is an old China hand who has lived in Shanghai for over four years and has traveled extensively in the country. Also a writer and active member of ShanghaiWrite, a women's writing group, Kathy combines her love of writing with her love of exploring China every once in a while for our site. From surprising her husband with a birthday trip to the coldest city in China (Harbin), searching for dragon boats, encouraging her teenagers to explore Gansu province on their own or crane watching in Heilongjiang province, Kathy is an intrepid explorer. Enjoy her articles on China Travel, About.com.

Articles and Photos by Kathryn Pauli

Other writing by Kathryn:

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