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September in China: Weather and Event Guide


September in China: Weather and Event Guide

Tiger Hill in Suzhou with ginkgo trees blazing with autumn color.

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September Overview:

The heat, especially in northern China, finally begins to let off as September leads the way to autumn. It's also significantly dryer in September than in the summer months. In southern China, where temperatures can be warm all year round, the weather sees a slight cooling but it can still be very wet.

September Weather:

  • Beijing: Average high temperature is 25.7C, average low temperature is 13.8C,and average number of days with rain is 6.8.
  • Shanghai: Average high temperature is 27.4C, average low temperature is 20.5C, and average number of days with rain is 12.
  • Guangzhou: Average high temperature is 31.3C, average low temperature is 23.8C, and average number of days with rain is 13.
  • Guilin: Average high temperature is 30.9C, average low temperature is 22C, and average number of days with rain is 8.6.

September Packing Suggestions:

Even though temperatures are cooling off and the humidity is drying up, it's still quite warm in September. Be sure to read my Complete Packing Guide for China for more information.
  • Clothing: take lightweight, quick-drying clothing for daytime outings and a very light cover (e.g. long sleeve shirt or lightweight sweater) for evenings when it may be cooler.
  • Accessories: a sun hat, sunglasses, lightweight jacket for evening.

Visiting China in September - Pros:

  • Cooling and drying of northern China makes September a great time to visit, especially Beijing.
  • School is back in session in most places so you'll have fewer summer travelers, thus lessening the crowds somewhat.

Visiting China in September - Cons:

  • While there's no perfect time to go to central/southern China, it can still be very wet in September, the end of the typhoon season.
  • The week that includes October 1st, is part of a week-long public holiday so travel at the end of September can be quite expensive and difficult to book.

The Weather Month by Month:

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