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August in China: Weather and Event Guide


August Overview:

Summer is starting to wane in August with average temperatures dropping slightly from super hot to just plain hot. It's still a great time to visit China. There aren't any national holidays in August so you'll be able to avoid the masses traveling during the October holidays, Chinese New Year or May holidays.

August Weather:

  • Beijing: Average high temperature is 29.4C, average low temperature is 20.2C,and average number of days with rain is 13.2.
  • Shanghai: Average high temperature is 31.6C, average low temperature is 24.7C, and average number of days with rain is 9.9.
  • Guangzhou: Average high temperature is 32.4C, average low temperature is 25C, and average number of days with rain is 16.4.
  • Guilin: Average high temperature is 32.9C, average low temperature is 24.3C, and average number of days with rain is 15.4.

August Packing Suggestions:

It's going to be hot and humid outside and late August sees summer thunderstorms and the occasional typhoon along the coast.
  • Clothing: take lightweight, easily drying clothing and comfortable shoes.
  • Accessories: sun hat, sunglasses, other sun protection
  • Toiletries: good sunscreen is increasingly available in big cities but it is a good idea to take yours along with you. Bug repellent is also good if you will be spending time outside during the evening hours when mosquitoes are rampant.

Visiting China in August - Pros:

  • No Chinese national holiday means less domestic tourism than other months.
  • August in the north is generally a dry month, so there's less chance of being soaked on the Great Wall.

Visiting China in August - Cons:

  • It's going to be hot, there's no doubt about it. If you're a cool weather person and are uncomfortable in humidity, then perhaps it would be better to wait until a cooler month, like October.
  • Late August sees the beginning of seasonal typhoons along the southern coast, so it's possible you might get pretty wet in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Xiamen.

The Weather Month by Month:

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