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Ten Glorious Days in Tibet


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Introduction to Tibet
Ten Glorious Days in Tibet

Tibetan peasants along a mountain pass

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Tibet, nestled between the Himalayas in the south and the Kunlun Shan in the north, conjures images of blue skies, flapping prayer flags and red-cheeked Tibetan monks. Tibetans have survived for thousands of years in the harshest environments - physical and political.

Here's a ten day itinerary that will give you a fantastic introduction to Tibet's cultural and natural heritage. This can be cut back to three days by doing only the Lhasa bit, or five days by doing Lhasa and Gyantse. Tailor it to your wishes, but by all means do go to Tibet. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

  • Day 0: Getting to Lhasa
  • Day 1-3: Lhasa
  • Days 4-5: Gyantse
  • Day 6: Shigatse
  • Day 7: Shekar
  • Day 8: North Face Mt. Everest Base Camp
  • Days 9-10: Back to Lhasa

    Before You Go to Tibet

    You'll need to do a bit of planning before you go to Tibet. The Chinese government requires all foreign visitors to go with a designated "travel group" and permits are necessary. Aside from these planning necessities, you may need to visit your physician to get some altitude medication as most of the places you'll visit while there will be above 12,000 feet (4,000m). You'll be out of the way in terms of first-class health care so you may want to take a few first-aid precautions as well.

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    First Aid Packing List

    Day 0

    I include a ¡°Day 0¡± in my itineraries for getting there. There are several ways to get to Tibet. Read all about them in this article: Getting to Lhasa.
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