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Shanghai's Fake Market at 580 Nanjing West Road



3 floors full of Chinese souvenirs, bags, shoes, pashminas, sports jerseys, fake Apple products and more


580 Nanjing West Road | 南京西路580号

Say it in Chinese:

"Nan Jing she loo woo by bah shih how"

Opening hours:

Daily 10am-6pm

Market features:

  • The market is indoors - heated in the winter, cooled in summer.
  • There are escalators which makes it stroller-friendly.
  • There are several restaurants and tea shops so you can leave bored people behind to eat or drink if necessary.

What you should know about fake markets and fake products:

Nothing you see here is real. The folks selling these products will tell you that they are "real" or "A Quality". They're not real, no matter how much you want to believe it. Be careful, especially when buying electronics that you intend to use with your authentic items at home. A friend bought an Apple iPhone charger at one of these markets for pennies that subsequently killed her phone.

You get what you pay for so don't pay too much. Remember to bargain hard. The prices at this market, particularly, start very high (somewhere around 5-6 times what they'll come down to). Decide ahead of time what your maximum price is and stick to it. Almost everything is available in several different stalls within the market so keep looking. Read this How to Bargain article to help you in your purchasing.

Rumors of fines for fakes at home airports. I've never had it happen personally nor have any of my friends but you always hear rumors about folks getting big fines at home when customs opens up their suitcases to find them full of pirated DVDs, fake Gucci bags and shiny cheap Rolex watches. Keep this in mind and shop in moderation.

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