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Nihong Kids Plaza - Shanghai Children's Market



A large underground (basement level) market of children's clothing and toys. There is also a small play area for toddler-age children.


northwest corner of Pu'an Road at Jinlin Road

Opening Hours:

Daily 10am-6pm

Guide Notes:

Here's a smattering of the kinds of things you can find at the market:
  • cheap junkie toys (great for little surprises on the airplane)
  • if you're lucky, toys for export (I used to find Thomas the Train engines for a fraction of the retail price)
  • kids shoes - you won't find familiar brands but there are plenty of decent quality cute shoes especially sandals, sneakers and rain boots
  • baby stuff - if you need anything for baby, this is a great place for find sleepers, onesies, bibs, hats, etc.
  • boys and girls clothes - there is stall after stall of clothing. Note on sizes! If you find something you like, ask for the right size if you don't see it displayed (they usually have a few things out and other sizes packed away). Don't take the vendor's word for sizing. Many items are mislabeled or sizes run differently. Whatever you are holding in your hand, they will typically tell you it's the right size!

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