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A Guide to Shanghai Pet Markets


Bugs for sale in market in Shanghai, China
Marcus Mok/Asia Images/Getty Images


Small grouping of many vendors selling pets and pet-related items. Usually you can also find flowers and plants as well as a few Chinese curios tucked between stalls selling crickets and stalls selling chinchillas.


Xizang Road near Fuxing Road (cross) ~ 405 Xizang Road (西藏路405号)

Say it in Chinese: she-zang loo kaojin foo-shing loo"

Opening hours:

Generally 10am-6pm

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What you should know about pet markets:

The Chinese have a different mindset about good treatment for animals than you might have. You'll see lots of small animals crammed into cages and stacked on top of each other. Crickets and bugs probably don't mind this much but when you see stacks of kittens panting in the hot sun, you will probably feel disgusted. So keep this in mind when you visit. It's still interesting to see the kinds of fish and reptiles and especially bugs for sale, but if you're going to be torn up about the treatment of these animals, it might be best to stay away.

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