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Shanghai Sculpture Park in the Sheshan National Holiday Area


Shanghai Sculpture Park in the Sheshan National Holiday Area

An autumn day at the Shanghai Sculpture Park.

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Centered around Shanghai's "largest man-made lake" is the Shanghai Sculpture Park. Aside from the normal activities one does in a park, there is interesting and bizarre outdoor art to view and climb on as well as cafes and restaurants in which to make pit-stops.


The park is located about 28 miles (45km) southwest of Shanghai in the Songjiang district. It is within the Sheshan National Holiday Area and there are a number of other attractions in the vicinity.

Getting There:

  • Address: 1158 Linyin New Road, Sheshan National Holiday Area, Songjiang District
  • Tel: 021 5779 8090
  • Getting there: Your best bet is to take a taxi there - it will take 30-45 minutes from downtown Shanghai, depending on traffic. On return, walk 5 minutes from the park's main gate to Le Méridien hotel (1288 Linyin Xin Road) to hire a taxi for the return to Shanghai.

Park Features:

There are nearly 30 large format sculptures scattered around the lake in the park and garden areas from sculptors all over the world. From life-like people emerging from the lake onto the beach, to bizarre "walking mountains", a walk around the park inspires the imagination. Other features include
  • Fountain Bridge
  • Very clean restroom facilities (one of which is housed in a man-made cave)
  • "Ding Pool" a shallow water feature great for little ones
  • A huge jumpy dome
  • A giant tree house
  • An art museum
  • Selene restaurant (Hong Kong cuisine and snacks)


You can even make a fun weekend out of a visit to Sheshan. Le Méridien She Shan is a large resort and conference center that is located just 5 minutes from the Shanghai Sculpture Park's main entrance gate. On a nice weekend or summer holiday, spend one day at the Sculpture Park and the other in luxurious surroundings of the hotel. Le Méridien has a lovely outdoor pool and kids' playground.

Guide Comments:

We have spent many a nice afternoon strolling around the Shanghai Sculpture Park. Most recently, on a hot September Sunday, we took our toddler out to the park where he went wild in the "Ding" pool water park. After stripping himself down to his diaper, he splashed and played in the warm shallow water for hours. It was a lovely break from the city-heat of Shanghai and it's amazing how green and peaceful it is just half an hour from downtown. After a solid morning of playing in the park, we had an enjoyable brunch at Le Méridien.
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