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Review of Smoki Moto Korean BBQ and Sushi Restaurant in Shanghai

Smoki Moto Introduction

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Review of Smoki Moto Korean BBQ and Sushi Restaurant in Shanghai

Fresh greens served with the BBQ at Smoki Moto, Renaissance Cao He Jing Shanghai

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There is a very large community of expat Koreans living and working in Shanghai so the Korean food in the city is quite good. As well as more contemporary Korean cuisine, there are many really good casual Korean BBQ places and it's always fun to go with big groups and families. You can book a room and BBQ the night away.

Smoki Moto is an upscale addition to the Korean BBQ scene in Shanghai. Located within a Renaissance Hotel out in a new high-tech zone, it is purported to be the first Korean restaurant in a big international hotel chain. We tried it out with another family (including a genuine born-in-Seoul friend) during the Christmas holidays and all thought it was great.

Smoki Moto Concept

The restaurant aims to marry classic Korean food to an upscale surrounding and throw in some sushi on the side. I'm not one for putting too many Asian cuisines together but the two of these actually do work since sushi is typically served at a bar and Smoki Moto's interior design makes the marriage work.

On the first floor of the Renaissance Cao He Jing in a new high-tech park in Shanghai's Hong Qiao area, it is a wee bit difficult to get to if you're coming from Pudong or downtown Puxi. That said, if you're looking for a good Korean restaurant or have a large group to entertain or are even searching for a good place for kids, Smoki Moto is a very good option.

The interior combines dark wood, marble and leather to create a modern, sleek space that doesn't let you forget for long what you're eating as you nestle back into your cow hide-covered pillow. You can BBQ your food at your own table - vents for the grill come silently down to suck up the fumes so you won't be smoked out. But if you prefer not to do this - or have small kids along who might accidentally grill their fingers, staff will do the BBQ bit for you and deliver hot, grilled meat to you as it's cooked.

Smoki Moto Food

You can BBQ your meat on the table top or ask staff to do it for you; Smoki Moto Renaissance Cao He Jing, Shanghai.

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We went to eat at Smoki Moto with the express purpose to eat Korean BBQ and drink Korean makgeolli (makkoli) and we accomplished both very nicely. The staff at Smoki Moto is incredibly attentive and helpful. There are a number of different style BBQ sets you can order and we went with several different types of beef.

The salads and side dishes arrived almost before we had put our menus down and in Korean fashion, everything comes at once. You're meant to eat slowly, linger, and drink a lot. We managed the latter two but eating slowly is difficult when everything is so delicious. Side included a vast array of cold dishes including kimchi, bean spouts with chilies, tofu and radishes. Before the beef arrived we were treated to a deliciously thick chicken soup. We washed all of this down with draft makkoli - a classic Korean alcohol made from rice.

The kids enjoyed bowls of rice, fresh cut veggie sticks from our immense salad bowls (see photo) and freshly grilled beef from the BBQ.

Why Search Out Smoki Moto?

  • You want good Korean food;
  • You are entertaining a large group and want somewhere social;
  • You have a big group including kids.

We really enjoyed our meal and I'll definitely go back there with family and friends. I'd like to try some of the other Korean dishes on the menu as well as more BBQ.

Address and Booking Details

Smoki Moto is in the Renaissance Cao He Jing hotel in Shanghai.
  • Address: 397 Tianlin Road, Caohejing Hi-Tech Park | 上海田林路397号
  • Hotel Map & Directions: Renaissance Cao He Jing
  • Telephone: +86 (0)21 3325 8888
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