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Baker & Spice for good coffee and pastries


Baker & Spice for good coffee and pastries

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An offshoot of Wagas, a popular western cafe in Shanghai and Beijing, Baker & Spice started off as a comfy little cafe serving fresh breads, pastries and good coffee in a wee, quaint, little spot in Shanghai's former French Concession.

It has now expanded, as all remotely successful ventures in China tend to do, with multiple locations in Shanghai.

Guide Comments:

You should see Baker & Spice's website for the most current list of locations. My favorite is still their original on Anfu Road as you can grab a coffee and sit outside in the sunshine reading your paper. It's very casual. The coffee is good and the folks at this outlet are the friendliest. Their cakes and pastries are yummy. My family lives for the 7-grain loaf of bread and when I'm celebrating, I enjoy a piece of their carrot cake. In the mornings I go for a cappuccino but in the afternoons, especially before I make the trek to my son's school to pick him up after karate, I do enjoy their mochas.

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