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A Profile of Rumors Cafe, Shanghai


A Profile of Rumors Cafe, Shanghai

Several drip coffees and a delicious cheesecake at Rumors Coffee, Shanghai

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This tiny little closet can almost be called a cafe. It is run by a Japanese-Shanghainese partnership and beans are hand-carried from Japan (they get all the good stuff). There's a menu of coffees from which to select and it's all about knowing the beans. You aren't expected to have milk with the coffee - it's meant to be sipped, black, with perhaps one of their lovely little desserts in accompaniment.

Address & Location:

Address: 9 Hunan Road | 湖南路9号 in Shanghai's former French Concession
Tel: +86 21 3460 5708

Opening Hours:

Tuesday through Thursday 11am-7:30pm, Friday through Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Guide Comments:

There are about 3 seats at the little coffee bar in the front room and there is a little sofa + two chairs in the annex room facing the street. I emphasize "small". The cafe is small, the servings are small, the chairs are small. The coffees are a little weak, to my taste, but then I also prefer lots of frothy milk on top. I'm clearly not a Japanese coffee connoisseur but if you are, go to Rumors. You'll be happy.

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