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China Odyssey Tours Profile


China Odyssey Tours Profile

Our guide from China Odyssey Tours with my friends and family during our trip to Qingdao.

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China Odyssey Tours is one of a myriad of tour companies based in China that cater to overseas visitors wanting to have guided tours during their visit. The company contacted me in order to use their services and review them, which I did. You can read my opinion about the tour I took (in Qingdao) here. The company specializes in tours of Guilin and the surrounding area but have offices and branches all over China and can arrange everything from a full itinerary including hotels and flights or a half-day tour in one city of interest.

Booking Information:

For information on tours or to start a dialogue with a China Odyssey Tour representative, start at their website or email them directly at order@chinaodysseytours.com. You can make your booking and inquiries from within China or overseas.

Payment Information:

The company requires a deposit of RMB2000 per person. The balance is to be paid in full no later than 20 days prior to arrival date. If booking received less than 20 days prior to the tour start date, we will ask for payment to be made in full once you the tour is confirmed. More details can be found about booking on their site.

Review of Services:

I took a trip to Qingdao and used their services for touring. Click here for a full review.

My thoughts on Tour Companies and Using them (General):

Read my discussion on using tour companies here.
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