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A Complete Guide to Packing for Your Trip to China

Pack smart and light for your trip to China - here's how


Packing for a trip to China can be a daunting task. You may be touring many different parts of the country, you may need clothes for different seasons, different occasions. You may not have the first clue what you need. Here are guides to packing from different angles. Used together, these guides to packing should help you maximize what you take with you and leave you plenty of room for bringing home treasure.

How to Create a Destination-Specific Packing List

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From countryside to city, desert to mountain, you might find yourself in a number of temperatures, various weather and differing needs. Here's how to create a specific list for different types of destinations in China.

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What to Wear for China Travel

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This what-to-wear guide gives you tips on what kind of clothing to bring to China. Layers are the first rule of thumb and doing laundry is the other.

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China Travel Must-Haves

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This packing guide gives you a list of what you absolutely should bring with you on your trip to China. You can't depend that you'll be able to pick these things up once you're here.

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Traveling with Babies and Children to China Packing List

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This packing guide gives you the run-down on what's available for babies and kids and helps you decide what to bring from home and what to pick up once you're here.

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China Travel First-Aid Packing List

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I always travel with a small first-aid kit and I recommend it for China travel so you don't spend (or waste) precious time trying to find these items in shops during your holiday.

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Packing List for Countryside or Remote Travel in China

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Here's a list created for a 4-day trip to Gansu Province. The trip included 2 overnight train rides, camel trekking and long bus rides.

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Packing for Trekking

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If you'll be going hiking or trekking, especially if it will be overnight, there are some things you'll want to have with you. And it will be nice to know what's typically available on the mountain.

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Tips for Packing for China Hotels

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You'll probably find yourself spending most, if not all, of your stay in hotels. It's helpful to think specifically how to pack for your hotel stay.

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Adapters for Electrical Products

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Hotels usually have these but it's best to have them with you. Read all about what you'll need to know in the adapter, wall plug, electric current department.

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Travel with Pets

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Thinking of stowing Fido in your gorgeous oversized handbag to add that extra flair to your around-Shanghai wardrobe? Think again. Bringing your pet to China isn't advisable unless you're planning on staying a long time...

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Bringing Your Mobile Phone?

Here's some information on using your phone in China.

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