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Glamour Bar Event Schedule


Sick of Sightseeing in Shanghai?:

Ever had a free evening in a new city and wonder how you could fill it doing not-so-touristy things? Business travelers coming often to the same city or even first-time visitors may sometimes feel like they’ve done “everything” or can’t possibly see another “sight”.

The Glamour Bar:

The Glamour Bar in Shanghai is the answer to those woes. Aside from being one of the swankiest clubs on the Bund, or in Shanghai, for that matter, the Glamour Bar at M on the Bund has a dynamic calendar full of jazz nights, cabaret evenings and interesting personal talks with authors from all over the world. (Be sure to enjoy their signature, and fabulous I must add, martinis while you’re there.)

Getting There:

  • Address: #5 Guangdong Lu, corner of the Bund (Waitan), 7F, Shanghai
  • Telephone: +86 21 63293751 or +86 21 63509988

What's On Now:

For detailed information visit the Glamour Bar website.
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