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Constellation Bar


Constellation Bar

A view from the bar at Constellation No. 2.

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Classic cocktail and whisky bar plus cigars.


The original Constellation is at No. 86 Xinle Road. Constellation No. 2 is at No. 33 Yongjia Road near Maoming Nan Road.


Xinle Road: 021 5404 0970 Yongjia Road: 021 5465 5993


French Concession


Single malt whiskies - about 300 from which to choose. Whiskies are served, if you so desire, with slices of Italian ham and Chinese melon. The manager, Mr. Kin, told us this is the best snack to eat with a single malt whisky.

Price Range:


Hours of Operation:

Friday & Saturday 7pm-3am, Sunday - Thursday 7pm - 2am.

Guide Comments:

  • We stumbled upon the newly opened Constellation No. 2 (Yongjia Road location) on the way home from dinner one night. Occupying two floors, it's a large space with a long black shiny marble bar that as I mentioned in my blog post seems to draw you in and force you to order a cocktail.
  • While single malts are their specialty (my drinking partner spent the evening admiring different bottles), I tried a house specialty cocktail, the Shanghai Romantic. A mix of gin, grenadine, triple sec and blue curacao, the taste wasn't overly sweet; in fact, it was divine. As it was a school night, I'm quite happy I didn't have two...
  • I like bars where I can actually have a conversation with the people I'm with - or the bartender. At Constellation No. 2, you can do both. Staffed by friendly, knowledgeable, English speaking bartenders (in fetching black bow ties and vests), we enjoyed chatting with them and learning about the bar's stock. The music is low-key and the lighting is low making for a great place to drink for pleasure.
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