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Mandarin for Travelers - Chinese Language for Traveling

Pick up a few essential phrases in Mandarin that are good to know if you are traveling in China.
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All About Mandarin Chinese - the Language We Speak in China
All About Mandarin Chinese - the Language We Speak in China

Vocabulary List for Using Mobile Phones in China
Having a mobile phone is super handy when you're traveling around China. It's a great way to reconfirm reservations, get in touch with the guy who's supposed to pick you up from the airport, reserve a table for dinner at the last minute and call the tailor to find out when your next fitting is. You can probably even use your own mobile phone,...

Mandarin Health Vocabulary
If you need to visit a doctor during your trip to China, here's a list of helpful vocabulary.

General Mandarin Travel Vocabulary
Some general travel words will help get you started.

Mandarin Numbers
Numbers are so important to know, if you study anything, learn how to count to ten. This will impress your hosts and help in your shopping (read bargaining).

Mandarin Hotel Vocabulary
Major Chinese hotels almost always have English-speaking staff to assist travelers from Western countries. Hotels in out-of-the-way tourist destinations, however, may not have anyone available who speaks English, so this list of common hotel vocabulary will help you.

Mandarin Chinese Greetings
Learn some simple salutations in Mandarin.

Colors in Mandarin
For shopping, this one's essential. Learn your colors in Mandarin.

Mandarin Banking Vocabulary
You never know when you'll need to do some banking so if you don't learn these before you go, print them out and take them with you.

Mandarin Shopping Vocabulary
Great vocab list for general shopping words.

Mandarin Directions
Asking the Way in Mandarin Chinese.

Clothes Shopping in Mandarin
Learn some shopping vocabulary for clothes shopping.

North American Cities - in Mandarin
Mandarin translation for a few North American cities - will help you tell people where you're from.

Countries of the Americas
How to say where you're from and country names in North and South America.

Where to Study Chinese in China
This article will help you decide where to go if you want to learn Mandarin.

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