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A visitor's guide to travel and sightseeing in Hubei Province


A visitor's guide to travel and sightseeing in Hubei Province

Tourists walk past locks left by lovers at a Taoist temple to symbolize their love on Wudang Mountain.

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Introduction to Hubei Province:

Hubei (湖北) Province is in central China. Its capital city is Wuhan. Starting northwest and working around, Hubei is bordered by Shaanxi, Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan Provinces and Chongqing municipality. The Yangtze River (长江) cuts through the province and it is here, in Yichang, that many start or finish a Yangtze River / Three Gorges Cruise.

Hubei Weather:

Hubei weather falls into the Central China Weather category. Winters are short but feel harsh. Summers are long and hot and wet.

Read more about Central China Weather:

Getting There:

Most folks fly into Wuhan, Hubei's capital city. For many, Wuhan is their final destination as it is a center of business and industry in central China. But tourists also use Wuhan as a jump-off point to and from Yangtze River / Three Gorges cruises. Cruises actually start and finish in Yichang, a smaller city on the river but Wuhan tends to be the point many start from in Hubei.

Wuhan and other major cities in Hubei are well connected by long-distance trains, buses as well as flights.

What to See & Do in Hubei Province:

If you're come to Hubei (Wuhan) to do business, then you'll probably spend all your time in your hotel or in your office and think that the whole place is quite uninteresting. But hopefully you'll take some time to explore Hubei Province, which has quite a lot to offer.

Hubei Attractions

Wudang Mountains
Wudang Shang is a mountain range with a number of notable Taoist temples. It is the birthplace of the Chinese martial art Tai Chi and visitors can even sign up for lessons in the meditative movements in English.

Mufu Canyon, Enshi
Noted by local guides as "grand as the US Grand Canyon", it is a stunning canyon of sheer cliffs and rock formations rising above the Qing River that meanders through the valley. To get a good idea of how incredible the place is, watch this video of an American explorer making his way over a slack line (without safety nets) over the canyon. Watch.

Provincial Capital, Wuhan
Wuhan is a large city of 10 million people that is an economic stronghold in central China. While destroyed over the years by flooding and firebombing (it was attacked by US bombers in 1944 because of its occupation by Japanese forces), it still holds onto some historical architecture and interesting sights.

Yichang is a small city on the Yangtze River where the river cruises start and finish. There is not much to see or do in the city itself, but you may find yourself there if you are embarking or disembarking from a Yangtze River / Three Gorges cruise.

Jingzhou is the ancient capital of the Chu Kingdom and still has its city wall that visitors can explore. There is also a decent museum and a number of temples to visit. Jingzhou can be a stop between Wuhan and Yichang or Wuhan and Enshi.

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