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Hong Kong

Once a British colony, since 1997 part of China, Hong Kong is a wonderfully dynamic place to visit. British with a Chinese flair or Chinese with a British flair, any way you look at it, Hong Kong is a worthy addition to any Chinese itinerary. Read all about visiting Hong Kong, mostly from our Guide to Hong Kong for Visitors.
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Is Hong Kong Part of China?
The answer to the question "is Hong Kong part of China".

Hong Kong Disneyland Review
A Review of Hong Kong Disneyland, tried and tested with two three-year-olds.

Conrad Hotel Review
Review of the Conrad Hotel Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong in a Day
If time is of a premium, this one-day whistle stop tour will take you around Hong Kong's must-see sights.

Hong Kong Weather
A guide to weather in Hong Kong.

Best Hong Kong Tours
Unlike most other cities, Hong Kong doesn’t have hop-on, hop-off bus tours, however the tours operated by travel agents around the city are generally good value.

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