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Guide to Visiting a Tea Village in Hangzhou


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Take the High-Speed Train to Hangzhou from Shanghai's Hong Qiao Hub
Guide to Visiting a Tea Village in Hangzhou

Departure board at the Hong Qiao Hub.

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The new high-speed rail system linking Shanghai to Hangzhou now makes the trip to Hangzhou so doable it's now a day trip. At just under an hour, you can arrive in Hangzhou in the early morning and have the whole day to explore and still get back to Shanghai by dinner time.

The day we went, we took the 9am train to Hangzhou and the 4pm train back. This gave us plenty of time to explore the tea village and its surroundings. We had time to hike into the hills covered in tea bushes, have a lecture on how tea is cultivated, eat a grand lunch, do a tea tasting and see how tea is roasted, do a bit of tea shopping and enjoy a nice long walk through the forest back to our van (that took us back to the train station).

More about Hong Qiao Hub (Hong Qiao Shuniu | 虹桥枢纽):
The high-speed train station is located at Shanghai's "Hong Qiao Hub", the transportation center in the Hong Qiao neighborhood that encompasses the mostly domestic Shanghai Airport (code: SHA) and the train station. The hub is connected by Metro line 10 which you can take directly to the hub and get off at Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2 or the Train Station.

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