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Getting Around China - China Transportation

Information on getting around in China using China's public transportation including airplanes, subways, taxis and trains.
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Getting Around in China
A Traveler's Guide to Transportation in China

Using a Metro Card
Using a Metro Card to Get Around Shanghai

Taking an Overnight Train in China

Juneyao Airlines - A Profile & Review
A profile and review of Juneyao Airlines - one of China's domestic airline companies

How to cancel or change your domestic Chinese airline ticket
How to cancel or change your domestic Chinese airline ticket

A List of Major Chinese Airlines
China, one of the largest and fastest-growing aviation markets in the world, has a vast array of airlines for domestic and international travel. Find out what they are and where they fly.

Ride Shanghai's Double-Decker Open-Top Sightseeing Bus
Ride a double-decker open-top sightseeing bus in Shanghai next time you're looking for good transportation, it's fun and gets you where you might want to go.

Tips for Walking in Chinese Cities
When considering what transportation options you have in Chinese cities, walking is a great one. But you need a few tips on walking around in Chinese cities.

Buying a Train Ticket
How to buy a train ticket for traveling around China.

How to Use the Subway
Getting around by subway in China is easy. Understand how to ride and what to do.

Getting Around in China - Taking a Taxi
Find out how to get around Chinese cities by using a taxi cab.

Carry-on Baggage Restrictions on Chinese Domestic Flights
Understand restrictions for carry-on baggage for domestic flights in China.

A Guide to Shanghai's Hong Qiao Airport (SHA)
A quick guide to what's available at Shanghai Hong Qiao Airport, Airport Code SHA.

Getting To and Getting Around Shanghai
China's second most-populous city, at first glance, it may be intimidating to navigate your way around Shanghai. Here are some useful tips for arrivals, using public transportation, taxis, airports and generally getting around Shanghai.

How to Travel by Bus in China
How to travel by bus in China

Taking the high-speed train between Beijing and Shanghai
Taking the high-speed train between Beijing and Shanghai

Flying in China - Know Your Airport, Know Your Terminal
Confirm your airport and terminal number when flying in China

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