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North Gansu Itinerary - How to Best Split Your Time In Northern Gansu


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Introduction to Visiting and Sightseeing in Gansu
North Gansu Itinerary - How to Best Split Your Time In Northern Gansu

A large replica of the Flying Horse of Gansu flies over downtown Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province.

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Reading a guidebook about Gansu will open your eyes to a treasure-trove of things to see and do and you may think you can see them all in a day or two. Then you get out the map, see that the province is spread long and narrow over thousands of kilometers and that will suddenly give you pause. Then you have to add in the transportation issues. While there are some local airports, connections are not always exactly what you want and can be expensive and connections by long-distance bus and train can involve many hours on the road that will eat away at precious sightseeing hours of your few days there.

The best thing to do if your time is limited is to study in depth where you want to go and talk to a local guide operator who can possibly help you tailor your trip to see everything you want to see in the amount of time you have. Maybe start with a list of sights and then have the operator help you create an itinerary - this is what I did for my trip to Gansu with China Odyssey Tours.

I had four days (within which I needed to travel to Gansu Province and back to Shanghai) and the UNESCO-listed Mogao Grottoes and the Gansu Provincial Museum in Lanzhou. I told my tour coordinator that aside from these two places, I was open to seeing other things in the area and asked them to make suggestions. They came up with a very satisfying itinerary utilizing the short amount of time I had. With me on the trip, I had six friends. All were long-time residents of Shanghai, Chinese speakers and very interested in Buddhist art. They were the best possible group of travelers with which to go to Gansu.

See my four-day Northen Gansu itinerary.

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