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Camel Trekking in the Mingsha Sand Dunes


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Steady Boarding on Your Trusty Camel
Camel Trekking in the Mingsha Sand Dunes

A camel gets along on his way with rider on top

Photo by Denise Gilman. All rights reserved.
Just in case you think riding a camel is like riding a horse, I'll school you in Dunhuang-style camel riding. First, you board your camel while the camel is on the ground with its legs tucked under it having a nice rest. The camel is not necessarily thrilled with having to work so may do nasty things like grunt at you. But also a nice word and a pat on the head might get you some nuzzling for which you're unprepared so think about how much intimacy you want with your ride. After you get on the saddle, hold on. The camel will pitch forward as it stands up first on its back legs. If you're not steady, you will tumble over the saddle and onto the camel's head which it will not like. Nor will you.
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