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China in Spring

What to do, major holidays and more about China in the springtime


China in Spring

A group of locals fish for tadpoles in a Shanghai park

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If it weren't for the rain, spring would certainly be my favorite time in China. Even though the winter is short (for most, although the Beijingers might argue this...), it hits hard. So by the time March rolls around and you can make an attempt at imagining putting your heavy winter coat away, you feel like you’ve lived through half a year of winter.

But by the end of March, you can find little green buds on the ends of the trees and flowers starting to force their way into view. Then, April hits and all of a sudden, it’s spring! Every flower seems to bloom at once and varieties I can’t begin to name explode with pink, red and white blooms. And even in the heart of the largest metropolitan city in China, Shanghai, with a population of 18 million, bees manage to carve out a living, pollinating the intrepid flowers. It is truly amazing to see nature do its thing despite man’s best effort to pave over it.

Below you’ll find a guide to spring in China and some suggestions of things to do. It’s a great time to visit China. Bring your rain gear and enjoy mild temperatures and fewer tourist crowds.

Spring by Month

Spring Activities

When the weather warms up, just get outside and enjoy it while you can. It seems all too soon that the temps get up so high that being outside is uncomfortable, especially for serious sightseeing. Take advantage of the warm spring days to do some of the following:

Eat Al Fresco

Walking Tours

Hike the Great Wall

See the Pandas

Make a pilgrimage to a holy Buddhist mountain

Watch the rice growing in Guilin

Hit the beach before it gets too hot:

See Hong Kong

Visit the famous Suzhou gardens

See Hangzhou and the West Lake

Spring Holidays

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