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Valentine's Day in China


What is Valentine’s Day?:

I won’t go into a history of Valentine’s Day here, but you can read all about it from our knowledgeable guides on the subject:
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Do People Celebrate Valentine’s Day in China?:

Oh yes. Young people in China have adopted the tradition of giving flowers, special chocolates and gifts as well as making a special date to go out for the evening. It is widely seen as a holiday for young couples and lovers. Men and women mutually give gifts, although it’s probably weighted more on the side of the women on the receiving end.

Do Stores Celebrate Valentine’s Day in China?:

Maybe it’s a silly question, but the answer, of course, is yes, at least in large cities. Supermarkets will have larger chocolate displays, flower shops will increase their prices and have bouquets of all sorts ready for young lovers. Many restaurants will have special set menus and in a city like Shanghai you’ll need an advance booking at many places if you want to take advantage of the special lovers’ menu (or just want to eat out).
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