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A Look at Christmas in China


There's plenty of Christmas in China so if you find yourself traveling here over the holidays, you'll be able to find a lot of the pageantry around Christmas, though the religious aspects are largely missing. A commercial celebration in China, you'll find hotels and shopping malls decked with trees and lights. Traditions from all over the world are represented in different hotels so you'll be able to drink eggnog and gluewein, find gingerbread men and lebkuchen.
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Merry Christmas in ChineseChristmas in ChinaChristmas shopper with SantaDirections for Santa
Christmas in ChinaChristmas in ChinaChristmas in ChinaAnnual German-style Christmas market at the Paulaner on Fenyang Road
Christmas in ChinaChristmas in ChinaChristmas in ChinaChristmas in China
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