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Best of China for Travel and Sightseeing


Visit the best of China's travel and sightseeing destinations, attractions, restaurants, hotels and more. This ought to get you started thinking about how to plan your own itinerary. The only problem is probably lack of time...
  1. Best China Photos
  2. Best China Activities
  3. Best of Shanghai
  4. Best Temples, Shrines and Monasteries

Best China Photos

Get a sneak peak at some of China's top attractions as well as a few places off the beaten path.

Best China Activities

If you let it, sightseeing can be a passive activity. Here are some of ideas to get your blood flowing.

Best of Shanghai

Some say a visit to a big city in China doesn't allow you to see "authentic" China. I say, 18 million Chinese people call Shanghai home; that's a lot of folks who probably think it's pretty darn real. (I call it home. I think it's real.)

Best Temples, Shrines and Monasteries

Visiting temples offers a respite from the craziness of China. Each one is unique - sometimes sterile in its renovation, sometimes pathetic in its dilapidation. I love the architectural details and people watching. I love the smell of incense. Here are some of my favorites.

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