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Best Travel Experiences in China - 2012


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Introduction - Best of 2012
Best Travel Experiences in China - 2012

Your China Travel Guide, climbing on some of the landforms in Yadan

Photo courtesy of Denise Gilman. Used with permission. All rights reserved.
I can't believe the year is almost over. I feel like I just finished writing the 2011 version of this story and now it's time to add another year. It has been another incredible year for me traveling in China and reporting back to you all. This year, I was really lucky to get out into the countryside quite a bit and explore places off the beaten track. One of my first trips was with my 2011 Best Local Tour Guide, Tracy Lesh on a trip to Nanxun, a small water town about 2 hours away from Shanghai.

My last big trip of the year was with my family to Amdo – Western Tibet (Qinghai Province). While this wasn't a highlight in terms of health (both kids unfortunately got sick), we saw some amazing scenery and discovered much about Tibetan sights in China.

Review the next pages for yourself and hopefully you'll get some inspiration for your own upcoming trip to China.

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