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Best Travel Experiences in China - 2011


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Introduction - Best of 2011
Best Travel Experiences in China - 2011

Your Guide, Jinli Street, downtown Chengdu

Photo courtesy of Denise Gilman, all rights reserved.
I have been lucky enough to have had an amazing year in China Travel. I've gotten to see so many new places and have continued to explore my own adopted hometown of Shanghai. I've eaten (way too much) amazing Chinese food and have had the pleasure of eating many an incredible local meal made with delicious ingredients grown right near by. I've seen the rice turn golden in Yunnan Province, I've hand-picked Longjing tea leaves outside Hangzhou and I've bathed in a Korean-style bathhouse in Shanghai.

On the following pages are the ten "best" experiences, in no order. Hopefully this might inspire your future travels to China. Enjoy!

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