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Flowers and Arrangements for Chinese New Year


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Visiting a Flower Market during Chinese New Year
Flowers and Arrangements for Chinese New Year

Orange tulips seem to be the color this year for Chinese New Year

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The flower markets are buzzing in the lead-up to Chinese New Year and the arrangements just get more beautiful and outlandish. Every time I visit, it makes me wish I had a large greenhouse in which to keep some of these amazing plants. Unfortunately, I have the opposite of a green thumb and most unfortunate plants that enter my household don't live very long.

I took my family to visit Shanghai's Caojiadu Flower Market at 1148 Changshou Road, near Wanhangdu Road (长寿路1148号,近万航渡路) and we had a great time just browsing the flowers and oohing and ahhing over each more spectacular arrangement. In the following pages are some traditional and untraditional flowers and plants that folks buy and give during Chinese New Year.

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