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The Lantern Festival


Lantern Fair In Shanghai
Hong Wu/Contributor/Getty Images News/Getty Images


On the Traditional Chinese New Year Calendar of Events the Lantern Festival or Yuanxiao, falls on the final, or fifteenth day. This marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations with a party under the full moon.

Family Fun:

It’s another reason for families to get together and it’s fun, especially for children, as traditionally they make paper lanterns to illuminate and march under the full moon. Sometimes there are competitions to see who has the most beautifully decorated lantern and often a theme is designated by the city or village.

See locals having fun at Shanghai's famous Lantern Festival in the Yu Gardens.

The Story of Yuanxiao:

Legend has it that Yuanxiao was a beautiful maid in the emperor’s palace. Read the full story of Yuanxiao.

Lantern Festivals in China and Around the World:

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