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Year of the Rabbit Lantern Festival

Shanghai's Annual Lantern Festival at the Yu Gardens


Every year the courtyards and inner lanes of the bazaar around Shanghai's famous Yu Gardens get decked out in lanterns. Of course there are some round red lanterns - just like you'd think there would be. But these are nothing compared to the intricate displays and gigantic decorations that help ring in the new year and underscore the new zodiac animal. Hoards of people crowd the area by day and night to get a glimpse of the displays that are only up for about ten days. It's fun to go during the daytime but if you only go once, go at night to see the lanterns in their full glory. Here are some shots by day and night of the Lantern Festival for the Year of the Rabbit.
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Huxingting Teahouse during the Lantern FestivalLanterns adorn the Nine-Turns BridgeThe Da Bai Tu - or Giant White RabbitThe Da Bai Tu - or Giant White Rabbit - by night
Dragon lights decorate the Nine-Turn BridgeDragon lanterns by nightA typical scene on the water during the Lantern FestivalThe water buffalo scene by night
The entire water scene at nightA large display of lanterns by night
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