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Great Activities for Kids Visiting China


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Chinese New Year Fun at Shanghai's Lantern Festival
Great Activities for Kids Visiting China

Centerpiece lantern display at the Old City, Shanghai

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I'm skipping around China's seasons to show you there's plenty to do for kids in any weather. And in the winter, it's hard to motivate to be outside but if you're in Shanghai during Chinese New Year, then you must try to take your kids to see the amazing lantern display that is created every year at Yuyuan Gardens. Arranged around the theme of the zodiac animal, colorful lanterns are hung from nearly every building culminating around a giant figure of the zodiac animal of the year as well as an incredible display around the old tea house outside the garden.

Aside from viewing the lanterns, the whole area is festive and fun. Kids can enjoy traditional forms of entertainment such as shadow puppets, and trying different street snacks. The lanterns are typically up and viewable throughout the Chinese New Year holiday and the festival culminates with the night of the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month.

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