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China with Kids - Traveling to China with Children

Traveling to China can be daunting without kids, but with children in tow, it might be downright scary! Worry not, once you get over the long-haul flight, and the jetlag, China with children can be a lot of fun. Here you'll find lists of activities in different parts of China as well as advice on what to bring along. I think you'll really enjoy China with your children.

Great Activities for Kids Visiting China
Top activities for kids in China - great ideas for what to do in China with children and teenagers

Bamboo Rafting Down the Yulong River in Yangshuo
What to Do in Yangshuo: Bamboo Rafting Down the Yulong River

Hong Kong Disneyland Review
A Review of Hong Kong Disneyland, tried and tested with two three-year-olds.

Travel to China With Babies (and Kids)
Will My Child Get Sick in China? Travel to China evokes a lot of worries when children are concerned. Find out answers to your big questions about traveling to China with kids.

A Review of the Huang Pu River Cruise in Shanghai
A review of the Huang Pu River cruise in Shanghai, a nice way to spend a few hours seeing Shanghai's historic Bund and the modern Pudong skyline.

Great Gift Ideas from Shanghai - For Kids
Shopping for kids in Shanghai is one of the easiest tasks there is. In every market there is everything from the cheapest junk to really nice gifts. This list will help you sift the junk (although the junk is fun) from the good stuff. These gift ideas are sure to make any kid happy.

Shanghai Sculpture Park in the She Shan National Holiday Area
A great place to spend the day outside the city for a bit of green space and fresh air, the Shanghai Sculpture Park in She Shan National Holiday Area is a fun attraction near Shanghai.

Traveling with Children in China - What to Buy and What to Bring
Traveling with children can take up a lot of room in your suitcase. Find out what you can buy for your kids in China and what you'll need to bring with you.

Activities for Kids in Beijing
Not only is China, in general, a great place to bring your kids, Beijing has some fun activities on offer for children when they get bored of the classical gardens, temples and endless shopping.

Activities for Kids in Shanghai
Not only is China, in general, a great place to bring your kids, Shanghai has some fun activities on offer for children when they get bored of the classical gardens, temples and endless shopping.

Where to Eat with Kids in Shanghai
China is a kid-friendly place in general, but it's nice to know where to take your kids to eat in China. Here are ten of the best restaurants for kids in Shanghai.

Shanghai Municipal History Museum Profile
A visit to the Shanghai Municipal History Museum at the bottom of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a great intro to Shanghai's interesting recent past.

Shanghai Museum Directory
See a directory of museums in Shanghai including address and opening times.

How to Survive Plane Trips with Kids
Practical instructions on snacks, strollers, what to bring on the plane, etc. from Travel with Kids Guide, Teresa Plowright.

Fear of Flying in Children
Advice from Teresa Plowright, Travel with Kids Guide, when your children are afraid to fly.

Tips on Feeding the Kids while Traveling
Wherever you roam, it's a fact of life that, at least three times a day, you'll have to feed little mouths somehow. Here's advice.

Visiting the Great Wall with Small Children
Visiting the Great Wall with Small Children

Camel Trekking in the Mingsha Sand Dunes

A review of Shanghai's largest water park: Dino Beach
Review of Shanghai's largest water park, Dino Beach

Shanghai Toy Club - Toy & Equipment Hire for Long-Term Stays
This fantastic service is perfect for families traveling in China, specifically those making a longer stay in Shanghai. Rent some toys for the kids instead of having to drag everything with you.

How to Watch a Movie in English
How to Find a Movie in English in China

Taking Kids to Tibet
Deciding Whether or Not to Take Kids Along to Tibet

Xuhui Riverside Public Open Space
Play outside in Shanghai at Xuhui Riverside Park

Visiting Wuyishan for Families with Kids
A Guide for families with kids traveling to Wuyishan

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