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Chinese Language - What Is The Chinese Language
Mandarin is the most common Chinese language, and is also the official language of Mainland China, Taiwan, and one of the official languages of Singapore.
Learn Mandarin Chinese - Mandarin Chinese Language Lessons ...
Learning Mandarin Chinese has never been more important! You can enjoy business and travel opportunities with basic Mandarin Chinese language skills.
The Chinese Language: An Introduction
The first thing you need to know about Chinese is that actually “Chinese” is not really a language at all! It's a group of languages that share certain characteristics ...
Mandarin Chinese - Introduction to Mandarin Chinese - What is ...
Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Mainland China and Taiwan, and is one of the official languages of Singapore and the United Nations. It is the most ...
Mandarin Chinese Language Learning Materials - Intermediate ...
Develop your Mandarin Chinese language skills with these resources that explain Mandarin grammar and Chinese characters.
Add a Chinese Input Language
There are several Chinese input languages to choose from. All of these input languages can be installed, but it is recommended to limit the input languages to  ...
Display Chinese Characters with Windows XP - Install Files for East ...
Files for East Asian Languages must be installed to display Chinese characters on Windows XP.
Where Is Mandarin Spoken - Where Is Mandarin Chinese Spoken
Despite being the official language of China, Mandarin Chinese is not the only language spoken there. Most Chinese people learn Mandarin at school, but may  ...
What Is the Difference Between Mandarin and Cantonese?
Cantonese and Mandarin are dialects of the Chinese Language. They share the same base alphabet, but as a spoken language they are distinct and not ...
Chinese Dialects - Chinese Culture - About.com
Each language group contains a large number of dialects. These are the Chinese languages spoken mostly by the Han people, which represents about 92 ...
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