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Bargaining in China - China Travel - About.com
Bargaining in China can be a fun experience but you need to learn the rules before you play. Follow this simple primer to make the most of your trip.
How to Bargain in Guatemala - Central America Travel - About.com
However, haggling is part of the shopper's game, and it's unwise to purchase without a plan. Here are some tips to help you bargain with the best of them.
Bargaining in Hong Kong - Hong Kong/Macau Travel - About.com
Bargaining in Hong Kong – Follow our eight rules of bargaining at Hong Kong's markets and shops and bag yourself a bargain.
How to Bargain With a Tijuana Shopkeeper - California Travel
Jul 16, 2014 ... How to bargain with a Tijuana shopkeeper. Tips and tactics to get the lowest possible price on your purchases.
Haggling and Bargaining - Student Travel - About.com
Haggling and Bargaining in Shopping in International Markets.
Learn to Haggle, Bargain and Negotiate Better Prices Antiques and ...
Is bargaining for a great price on antiques and collectibles a challenge or an art form? Either way, this feature clues you in on how to do your best haggling no ...
Tips for Bargaining at Markets in India - India Travel - About.com
Bargaining in India is a very important, and even expected, part of shopping in India's street markets. Here's the best way to go about it to ensure you get good ...
The Plea Bargain Stage of a Criminal Case - Crime and Punishment
Jun 27, 2014 ... Due to the overburdened criminal justice system, the vast majority of criminal cases are settled through a process known as plea bargaining.
What Are Game Theory and Bargaining Theory? - Economics
An example is wage bargaining between employers and unions. A more simple case is the of duopoly, in which the price set by one seller will be based on his ...
Learn to Bargain and Haggle for Best Prices in Antique Shops
Bargaining and haggling to get a better price in an antique shop is a useful skill to have. Learn more about how to do just that.
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