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Summer in China

Rainy season? Over and done. Summer? We're in it. Time to slap on the sunscreen, get on the sun hat and enjoy summer in China.

How to Enjoy China's Summer
China Travel Spotlight10

Tsampa - Tibetan Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Introduction to Tsampa, a Tibetan staple

The Barkhor, Lhasa

A description of the Barkhor square and neighborhood in Lhasa

A Profile of the Tour Operator Explore Tibet

A profile of the tour operator Explore Tibet

Before You Go To Tibet

Planning checklist for before you go to Tibet

What to Know about Visiting Temples in Tibet

What to do and not to do inside temples and monasteries in Tibet

Book Review: Studying in China by Patrick McAloon

Studying in China - a Book Review

Sleeping and Eating in Tibet - Hotels and Restaurants in Tibet

Sleeping and Eating in Tibet - Hotels and Restaurants in Tibet

St. Regis Hotel Lhasa

Eating at the St. Regis Hotel, Lhasa

House of Shambhala in Lhasa - Inn & Restaurant

A profile of the House of Shambhala inn and restaurant in Lhasa

The Tents at Everest Base Camp, Tibet

Sleeping at 5,000 meters in the Tent City at Everest Base Camp

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